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Magnum Rigs

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When it absolutely, positively has to be completely & thoroughly destroyed - which frame do you reach for and what's it throwing? Here's my 'Horny Devil' natty with 3060 heavy tubes and a heavy duty pouch. I use anything from 1" marbles & 1" clays to 3/4" steel. The second pic is a 3/8" steel next to 3/4" steel for sake of comparison.

What's your pet monster look like?

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For big ammo and power I like my full size heavy hitter and my cobra from treeman, both are big enough to take some heavy bands and yet small enough to slip in your back pocket. In the pic is 3/4" steel. The 175 FPS is with bands I had set up for 1/2" you could break 200 no problem with single butter bands a little heavier.

In the **** pic it's .66 elastic cut 1" to 3/4 with 13" active slinging 5/8 steel at 220 FPS.

I also have a Matt Redding HH that stringslap gave me that's awesome for big ammo. Motor vehicle Plant Fruit Automotive tire Bumper
Automotive tire Hood Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tin can Nickel Gas
Blue Green Human body Wood Sculpture
Organism Terrestrial plant Fawn Grass Terrestrial animal


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