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Hi all,
I needed some sort of carry bag/storage for my slingshots, instead of just leaving them lying around or hung up.
So, I hacked the back pockets off an old pair of jeans. Each pocket is just the right size for a slingshot, and makes for a protective environment, so the bands don't get damaged.

You can either just cut around the pocket on an old pair of jeans, or like the one on the right, I stitched it together from the leg of a pair of jeans to see if I could make a smaller pouch. If you don't have a spare pair of old jeans, try the local charity shop, friends, family, or ask around.

It also wouldn't take much to customize each 'pocket' by staining them different colors, adding a belt loops, etc. Mine look exceedingly scruffy, as I spend about 2 minutes making each one, but with refinement, you could easily beautify your own creations.
The best thing is the pockets cost nothing, or should do.

I hope this little tip helps.


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