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Here I go again! Started this rambone a while back from a pretty dead maple fork. When I initially cut the shape, one fork snapped right off in my hand and I tossed it away for kindling. About a month later, I remembered the failed fork and decided to give it another go. I glued the broken fork back on. Next, I split the frame in two with a band saw and glued in a core of polycarbonate. From there, I carved the basic shape of the shooter. I still wasn't happy with some voids and the unevenness, so I pulled out the resin and some gold and silver pearlescent powders and filled what was missing. I had to treat one soft section of the handle with super glue as it would have just sucked up any finish I applied. At last, a finish of automotive clear coat was applied. I'm pretty happy I was able to salvage this one. Thanks for looking!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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