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Matching Allan key.

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Hey friends, Dan hood gave me a awesome idea to make these custom Allan keys for my clipped frames. I will be making these In brass and anodized (or not) aluminum to match the frames. Just a simple little thing, but I think it adds a nice touch and thought I would share. Thanks again Bigdh2000 for the idea!
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Yea that is a great idea and they look fantastic too!
Thanks Mo! It was Dan hood that shared the idea.
Looks great, good idea!

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Thank you very much, Hoss!
First, that’s one beauty of a frame! Love the knurl on the allen.
some fine craftsmanship all around!!
Thanks, joe! Something so satisfying about knurls.
Looks beautiful, really impressive. Can definitely see a v2 in the coming weeks where the slingshot handle is hollowed out and threaded, with the matching Allan key being threaded so it becomes a cap on the bottom. You could keep a spare band rolled up in the handle.
That will happen one day for sure:) just need the time
Thank you everyone for all the kind words! It’s always appreciated.
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