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A while back, I contacted Nathan at Simple-Shot with a request...a matched set of a Maxim and a Maxim Champ with top slots. Today I got my wish...and then some.

Here are the twins: The pics don't do them justice. The colors are red, black and what looks like a light oak.

Bicycle part Red Font Tool Art

Finger Nail Petal Thumb Scissors

Gesture Finger Petal Nail Scissors

So far, I have the Maxim banded up with 3/4" x 6" latex with an e-shot target pouch and the Champ has single 6" 1842s, also with an e-shot target pouch. I have only put 25 or so shots through each, but both are dead on at 30 far as I can go in my basement. I did try a set with Tex's thin tubing,but the holes are just a touch big for the way I normally set them up. I don't think it will be a problem as there are always different ways to set them up.

I have a poly version of both of these that I have been shooting a lot lately, and I really like the way they feel. These feel even better. They are a little heavier and the finish is perfect. They are smooth as silk, yet, have a very nice grip...they feel like they were made for my hands.

Now I just have to find some time to feed these a lot of ammo

Thanks for looking.



1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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