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I picked up a scale and got some measurements in US pounds. These bands are straight from the factory, un-cut and pulled to where they wanted to stop. I have a 32" anchor point, so I did both. Good results and this was at 3 pulls on each for accuracy. -

Marksman Wrist-Rocket - Saunders Tubes
Anchor point- 22.6lbs
Full draw- 25.2lbs

Saunders Wing - Saunders TNT Bands
Anchor point - 8.2lbs
Full draw - 13lbs

Saunders Wing - Saunders Stock Mamba Bands
Anchor point - 7.5lbs
Full draw- 12.3lbs

Benebone - Saunders TNT Bands

Axiom Ocularis - Simple Shot Stock Bandsets
Anchor point - 8.2lbs
Full draw - 13.8lbs

Scout LT - Simple Shot Stock Bandsets
Anchor point- 7.9lbs
Full draw- 12.6lbs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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