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Measurements of Cold Steel products

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I did these measurements with a analog micrometer. Checking for roundness and getting the closest measurement I could get with an analog device.

Cold Steel 4ft Pro: inner diameter:.630"
Outer diameter:.867"
Mini Dart and stun dart cone: .625"

I will have a measurement for my Tim Wells 5ft breakdown blowgun inner and outer diameters coming soon.

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Super cool THX!
I will order 50 pack stock cones with bamboo and make some stun, and explore different shafts.
From your cone O D specs they should fit
my hardware bought alu tube very well.
Excited to bgun spinners.
I did these measurements with a digital micrometer.

Cold Steel 4ft Pro: inner diameter:.625
Outer diameter:.879 "
Mini Dart and stun dart cone: .625"
Doing into diameters it's not easy. My first inner diameter of the blowgun showed .627" but then I was able to find a more consistent .630" maybe the barrel flowers out a little bit right at the end but I'm not the best at micrometers especially on internals where the angle can definitely screw you up. All I know is that the cone has just a hair Gap from the wall of the inner barrel.
I took my five foot Tim Wells breakdown Logan apart and was able to get a much better reading. I got the exact same reading .630" inner diameter. It's seems spot-on to me now my analog micrometer is old but it looked like it was working right so that's what I got to add.
I forgot the inner diameter of that 5 foot blow gun.

Outer diameter:.745"
Inner diameter:.630"
That inner .630 explains the bit of slop you have with the C.S. darts .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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