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Merry Christmas from newbie in Pittsburgh

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Hi Guys, Merry Christmas to you all ! I've already met a few of ya thru E-mails ;what a helpful, friendly group ! I haven't done much with a slingshot lately and am interested in practicing & learning. I used to enjoy a lot of plinking in my far off off youth, and am going to enjoy resuming this facsinating sport! About myself : I'm a retired Jr high math teacher, married for 40 years with 2 grown sons all of us living here in Glenshaw, a still competing world champion weightlifter (IAWA) , avid freshwater fisherman, former martial arts instructor (WW2 combatives), and a magazine writer who elaborates on these hobbies. Hope to talk with some of ya at Jay's annual Eastern tournament!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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