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Been a spell SSF, recently cleaned up my shop so that means...a little slingcraft.

I have been meaning to get this one done for quite some time, inspired heavily by the Japanese style Wa-handles usually found on forged kitchen knives and chisels. I found some Hydra frames on my very dusty shop floor and went to work. I made a 2" long tang from the frame and then crafted a handle made from some wavy rock maple, with a rosewood top cap and the same rosewood end cap with some fibreboard for some contrast. The handle was finished with 3 coats of rub-on poly for that satin, matte feel. The frame itself was ceramic media tumbled, then hammered and polished at the tips and finger/thumb choil areas. Some brass hardware finishes the look and she's ready to cut some cans!

Dare a say...looking sharp?


1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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