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Mini Conus build

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Started on this little gem yesterday from a natural fork, while working on another project. Rain all day today, but luckily my awesome wife took pity letting me finish the final sanding inside

Two coats of Howard's Feed-N-Wax and a little buff. Pictured with a Victorinox Super Tinker for size reference..

Stay safe and have a blast!

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Looks great!
Yup, it does look great :)
Thanks, Guys. It was a fun build. Realized pretty quick I need a new saw before I cut another fork like that

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New saw Mike(?), or can that one be sharpened ?
There are lots of great YouTube videos on how to sharpen saws.

If you wind up getting a new one, don't scrap the old one, as you can make some fantastic card scrapers out of that thin, spring steel blade....again, check YouTube for how to on that as well.

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