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Well, since bowfishing out of a kayak was tough with a bow, I came up with this rig. It was a slingshot handle with reel attached to the bottom and one single band from mcmaster with 45lbs of pull from mcmaster carr. I know flats are better and faster but I needed durability, no tangles and to push the heavy arrow. I have since modified with aluminum rest as well as a better reel mount and a large knot to pinch on to pull back instead of the loop. It has plenty of power and is a straight shooter and can stay attached like that in the kayak rod hold until ready. Plan on making a quick attach float for the big ones. Might try and undercast reel or a retirever rig next.

With this you can just use a strong headlamp to bowfish with since the light doesnt relect back in your face. Eventually I will make a one piece mold and try to mold one or two. VERY simple design. Will post up better and closer pics of the new and better design..

What do ya think?



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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