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Some may find these souviners bring back from Vietnam interesting.

These were may by Montagnard tribes of South Vietnam. The Montagnard reigon is is located in the Central Highlands that borders Cambodia. The Montagnards were allies and very loyal to the US Special Forces during the war.

Showing the "Rat" crossbow, slingshot frame and NVA pith helmet.

They made 3 sizes of crossbows. The largest being Tiger for hunting tigers, then Pig, and then the Rat as shown in the picture.

Wood Plant Terrestrial plant Creative arts Recipe

The crossbow bolts are slender splinters of bamboo and fletched with leaves.

Wood Hardwood Metal Wood stain Plywood

A clever but simple mechanism for the trigger or release.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Natural material Varnish

The slingshot frame is hand carved from unknow species of wood. Holes in forks were burned through. Lanyard is hand made from unknown fiber.

Natural material Wood Window Horn Metal

Interior of helmet showing decal.

Banknote Rectangle Cash Money Currency

Another pic of collection

Wood Plant Military camouflage Camouflage Terrestrial plant

Interesting what can be done with the only thing available. Vietnamese are very resourceful.



1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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