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File Name: Moose, April 2019.pdf

File Submitter: mike160304</p >

File Submitted: 14 Nov 2019

File Category: Slingshots

A pinch/pistol grip frame designed and made by mike160304 in April 2019.

Made of 3 pieces of 2.1" plywood glued together to 0.63" thickness and glued with MAS Blue Dolphin Trade A epoxy resin.

Finished with the same resin, flooded on and wiped off, 3 times.

PDF file kindly made from photos and dimensions by Old Iowan.

Click here to download this file
Two photos herewith.
Thanks for the design. Just made and tried this design however I did modify it a bit by canting the forks forward slightly. So this is my most accurate design. Thank You—-
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