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Airsoft BBs, even the .20 and heavier ones definitely aren't suitable, the true ball bearings 6 and 6.25 mm would definitely be OK for a very light bandset, although they would only be suitable for plinking...
Are you talking about airsoft bb's or air gun pellets?
I was talking about airsoft bb's and they penetrate 1 side of a soda can now compare to this airgun bb's .177, .... .25 heavy weight would be much better . I have found .25 pellets weighting 1.7 gramms I dont know the exect weight of a 6mm ball bearing but 9.5mm weight 3.3 gramms 7.95 weight 2.3 around so 6 mm could be acctualy less then a .25 heavy weight
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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