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sorry for the delay
this is a ss a friend of mine made here at work when he seen my smitty ss
the bug bit him an he came up with this
we played with different handles an add ons
will shoot tubes flat bands an anything else you can put on it
not a good enough shooter to know how well it shoot though lol
im thinking smitty need one to play with an see what it will do
got more to come i hope
thanks for the look see


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That is a baaad buttocks shooter Jeff! Something about it makes me want to ride my Vulcan motorcycle. It must be that it shoots fast. Great job! The tube/band clamps are very nice also. Kinda like the King Kat!

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Good looking unit, but if flats don't last too long with it, they might be bruising themselves on the fork tips. You won't have that problem with tubes though, because they stack a bit. Tex
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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