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If I have a question about whether my band lengths are equal, I sometimes lay the fork on a table, target side down, and raise the pouch from the center. I try to keep the pouch centered over the fork gap as I raise it. If both forks leave the table together, I think that's close enough. I guess that's my version of extending the bands vertically. No doubt, it is better to use a ruler.

A triple-fold attachment is made by folding the top half of the flatband down, and the bottom half up (or vice versa) resulting in 3 layers of latex, before inserting the latex through the pouch holes. Considered by many to be ideal for TTF setups, especially with wide bands.

A double-fold attachment is made by simply folding the band in half (2 layers) before insertion. Considered by many to be the ideal setup for OTT bands.

You can probably see video examples by googling "OTT vs. TTF slingshot bands," or something similar.

Monofiliment is just not a material I would use for any binding application.
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