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HI all ! Let me start the intro off by saying I always wanted a wrist rocket when I was a kid, but my dad would never let me have one ... he knew me & that was probably for the best (I would def have gotten into trouble with it). FFD years later - I got into 3 gun NRA bullseye matches heavy for years, so I always liked shooting paper. Moved around a bunch & got out of that. So, for no particular reason - I picked up a super cheapo wrist rocket a couple months ago on a whim & started messing around with it shooting nuts (as in fasteners) in my unfinished basement. Was amazed at how much power they have & how cleanly they punched paper. I couldn't figure out how to aim it consistently, so I googled slngshots & holy cow, there was a whole world out of SS's there that I knew nothing of. I'm hooked - I'm reading all I can & am on my second flat band slingshot. Shooting 33 ft & using a music CD as the target outer ring, with 2" center & I'm able to keep ~ 7 out of 10 (3/8" balls) in the outer ring & a few in the center ring - occasional flyer is so annoying. Working hard on my hold and release - I'm getting the same feedback that I used to love about shooting 3 gun. What's different about SS's is that it in some ways more resembles archery than pistol ... there's the element of tension that introduces wobble that has to be controlled. So my ss journey has just begun - I'm sure glad I stumbled into the slingshot world (just wished I started earlier when I had good eyes, which is def holding me back) ...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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