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Well usually on Sunday morn for the last 6yr, been 13 of us go airguns shooting, but since the virus thingie, not happening,

So just a settin here, drizzly morn lookin at my bird feeder, got woodpeckers, finches, redwings, cardinals, and many others a feedin, on the ground 7 squirrels (3black/4grey), 1 groundhog, 4 rabbits, 1 chipmunk, 1 deer just passed thru,,,,,, dam, and I live in a town,, ok so I'm in a woods and it ain't much of a town, but we enjoy the critters, I go a catapulting after it quits a drizzling, just shoot pesky starlings and garbage birds, wuppp, gotta make another pot o coffee,, later=== Bugar
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