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Overall this type of sling makery is a lot harder than it should be! I've studied the bark-on, semi-bark-on, just off the tree, and dragged behind the truck versions of the 'natty' sling frame. On this piece of Red Oak it came off the tree in a great shape. I had some measurements in mind that change as I cut it away, it ended up 7" long, 2 3/4" fork gap and 4" center to center.
The color and spalting is just amazing and I managed to stay patient and used my caliper to get all of the fork in near equal dimensions.
With the slight canting to the target and the rounded tips I shouldn't be troubled by the longer forks. Although another 1" off of the top might have been ideal. It'll make a good dedicated marble or rock shooter in my quiver.
Any imperfections on the surface I filled with ground clove spice and epoxy. I had just a little wane and a couple of knots and a little tiny bit of rot on one fork. I also had a hairline crack towards the handle butt that I opened up with a jewelry file to get the epoxy mix in deeper. I sanded to 320grit and gave it an overnight in BLO and one round of paste wax so far. I might double down on my finishing technique as I keep learning and making. Overall I don't want my Natty to appear too 'commercial'!
Thanks for looking and all comments are greatly appreciated! Moses

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1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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