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Hey folks,

I recently showed a few of my Amigo variants i made based on the template "the 3 amigos" by xxdollarbillxx here from the template section. I was pretty happy with the amigo variants but still worked on some improvements and sketched and made cardboard templates. After a few more cardboard frames i ended with a version, that fits my hand more than all the others before. It still got the forkgab from an slightly scaled down amigo but the rest is no more an original amigo so i decided to call that "Mouse". One i made out phenolic and the second one is orange g10 with black and orange g10 liners kn the middle. It was once an amigo variant but i sketched the mouse template non it and reground the putlines. The mouse has a more straight handle that is much more slimed in the middle section than the amigo variants. Also i brought the curve in the middle section of the frame a bit more upwards to the fork so the hole frame sits deeper and more secure in the palm. Hope you like it...
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