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Mr. Xiong Zhijiang quick tying tool

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I have a similar jig as Ordo. It works pretty good. And it would be great to have a set up like Pebble Shooter's. But I picked up this cheap little thing on Amazon ( it took like a month to arrive from China) that I'm really starting to like a lot.


Aamoa Slingshot Rubber Band Assistant Portable Catapult Helper Accessories Stainless Steel Tools Tied Helper

It's made of plastic so you just squeeze that gap closed a little and when you let off your squeezing, it creates tension on the band and pouch while you tie. It even came with a set of forceps.

I throw it in my bag with some supplies and it's been working pretty good. It really doesn't even feel cheaply made. And for the price, it'd be no problem to have a few.
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