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Msturm comes through Part II

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And then just like that, the Postman drops a SlingMail on my porch all the way from Alaska, USA.
A few weeks ago Msturm posted a 'Guess the Wood' contest. I also guessed Hemlock like DSIL but I used the Tip provided and googled the answer, maybe even asked Alexa.
Michael awarded my efforts anyway for using my resources to achieve the knowledge I needed to survive. I am actually blown away with some CSFS! (cool schwag for sure!).
An authentic Msturm Natty. Look close to the grip areas on the fork. Pretty sure that is table salt, or very fine sand sprinkled into the finish. It's grippy and subtle. An HDPE frame to be given a workout, and an authentic fishknife with Alaskan fishguts too! In the 70's this fishknife was a must have for every kid who liked to fish. Thanks for sharing your stuff Michael! The Forum Is.

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Yeah that is salt. The finish is superglue, and the last coating I sprinkle with salt in the areas I need more traction. The salt sucks the superglue up the sides fo the little cubic crystals and it dries that way leaving a nice texture long after the salt is gone. (picked that little trick up building spearguns, though it works far better with marine epoxy).

side note. I am quite sure it is not fishguts on there. I mean it might be, but I also use Remington oil on my old knives and that turnes a bit brown after a few months without use. It is more likely Remington oil than fishguts.
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