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Well, i seem to have gone full time into making slingshots. As i have looked through the forums, the most noticeable trend i found was the use of multiplex wood as a base for boardcuts, since it is known for it strength and saftey (and its looks as far as im concerned). I have never heard of this wood, so with a little research i have found out it is simply a 12-ply arrangement of birch plywood approx 3/4" thick (correct?). But after a few trips about the town, i cant turn up a birch plywood of more than 5 plys, which i used once to only achieve an absolutely ugly result.

So, where do you find this wood?
Hey Pulse,
You need the 12ply to work with. It also needs to be the highest grade you can get (less voids). I think some sell small pieced on ebay if you can't find it locally. You can sometimes find it at Lowes and Home Depot where I live.
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