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From this...

Wood Rectangle Floor Hardwood Flooring

To this...

Gesture Finger Creative arts Peripheral Thumb

Hey everyone,

Few months ago, I found a big Banksia (not sure how to spell it) tree at my farm that had fallen over in a storm. So i grabbed the chainsaw and sawed me a few pieces to work with. I processed one of them to a flat surface and then traced my template onto it. I added some brass pins and used linseed oil to finish it. I love it so much and it shoots amazingly. It is definitely my nicest looking slingshot.

Here's halfway-ish

Wood Plant Hardwood Wood stain Plywood

Anyway hope you are all doing well now that you's are heading into warmer months. (I'm going into into winter here down under).


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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