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My bgun saftey process

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I have never shot a gun of any sort and sure never will, just my choice.
If I understand , could be completely wrong,
One would disable saftey just before shot?
I always place my thumb on my bgun mouth piece
and inhale fully before placing mouth on bgun,
never inhale more after thumb removed,
Just my bgun saftey process.
I am sure it would suck, punny , to inhale a dart!
Thoughts? Other ways?
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Cold Steel blow guns have the outer lip that you have to push the cone past so you cannot suck it back in to your throat. But I just turned my head slightly to the side when I breathe in and then go back to the mouthpiece. Cheers
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I can get my hands on a calipers on Monday next week when I go back to work. I will bring my 4ft Pro Cold Steel and the darts. I'm also receiving those little funnels recently talked about in a different post here and I'm going to see if I can't make those work. I will definitely give an update on the actual size of the inner diameter and the actual size of the cones.

Yes still living here on the Front Range in Colorado love it here!

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