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My Cats A Better Hunter Than Me!

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not quite slingshot hunting but didn't I want to post it in off topic...

this is what my little loony bin cat brought me as a prezzy this morning, its bigger than her!!

Cat Dog breed Carnivore Felidae Small to medium-sized cats
Cat Dog breed Carnivore Felidae Plant
Cat Carnivore Dog breed Bombay Felidae


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When I was a kid I took in a stray. He lived on our porch, and only Hung around during the day... I am not a cat person, but you gotta respect a cat that killed a possum for eating its food, and approaches angry dogs calmly prior to pouncing their face. I loved that cat, I think he got hit by a train

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I should clarify my not-so-clear post. I don't mind if they kill invasive birds or animals that kill other (native) birds. However, I disike it when cats kill native birds that are beneficial and have been in the native food chain for a while.
Longcat is long.
I think with dogs its easy to just love them and get the rewards back, for the same with a cat you have to spend allot of time understanding there personalities before the rewards come to fruition...

I adore my cats and understand your loss LGD, I also miss my dogs I have had over the years. My boxer was my best friend for 16 years!!

this is getting sad now
Oops. I didn't mean for it to be sad,,, we really don't know what happened to him... Him being hit by a train was just being ironic... Since he was so fearless
..... I think 20 something Years is enough time for me to be able to move on..

Nice catch your cat had Andy
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1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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