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My Cats A Better Hunter Than Me!

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not quite slingshot hunting but didn't I want to post it in off topic...

this is what my little loony bin cat brought me as a prezzy this morning, its bigger than her!!

Cat Dog breed Carnivore Felidae Small to medium-sized cats
Cat Dog breed Carnivore Felidae Plant
Cat Carnivore Dog breed Bombay Felidae


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I am not own by a cat, but the family next door is. I go out often and find bird, mouse, rat or rabbit parts on my front porch. This cat eats well. I have been told I get the presents because the cat likes me.
Its apparently gifts, if the cat is not hungry and it hunts for sport, it offers its game as a gift to the ones it likes. They do not waste what they hunt, I respect them for that.
Your cat is a better hunter than almost any animal or human on earth. Estimates range as high as 500 million birds killed by cats each year. That number does not include the millions of small animals and reptiles they kill.
Interesting figures Henry although I believe the spider is the ultimate hunter
Perhaps you should think of making a slingshot for your cat ... avoids all those teeth marks on your game ....
a new meaning to the word 'cat'apult.....
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I do indeed respect the hunting powers of the cat, though I dislike them for a couple of reasons:

1. I'm a dog person.
2. I'm an avid birdwatcher, and cats are one of the largest killers of birds in the world. However, I do LOVE it when they bring down a house sparrow or a starling.
please dont get me wrong, but you say you dislike cats because they kill birds, but like them when they kill 'certain' birds? thats a little misleading
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I think with dogs its easy to just love them and get the rewards back, for the same with a cat you have to spend allot of time understanding there personalities before the rewards come to fruition...

I adore my cats and understand your loss LGD, I also miss my dogs I have had over the years. My boxer was my best friend for 16 years!!

this is getting sad now
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years ago when i was in high school, we used to have a grey tabby . he was a hunting cat. everytime we shot a bird with our bb guns, hed bring the bird back to our feet and would only take it to eat if we waved him to take it .
i miss that cat, he lived a long good life . come to think of it , ive yet to have an actual stereotypical pet , all of mine have had some "attitude" .
sounds like a real character
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