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Do those really sharp (raptor?) handles offer anything to your shooting or grip of are they mostly for looks? I think they look cool so I was just curious. Please correct me if I鈥檝e gotten the name wrong, I鈥檓 still learning my frame names.
I made that one myself it's a pinch grip frame it all fits round the hand but this one doesn't fit my hand right as I only have small hands so it's a bit uncomfortable for me so I will be selling it
I can guarantee that collection will only get bigger. ;)
Without a doubt

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That spectraply recurve was made by Wingshooter (Roger Henrie), it was called something like the Comanche longbow or something like that.... Dayhiker (Bill Nilson) designed a Chalice style slingshot that was also very popular...

I had a Wingshooter Recurve and one of his original Bentwood frames. I also had Dayhiker's original Chalice. Both great guys and Craftsmen as are you Bill. I also had a few of yours!:)
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