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I made this 2 years ago and carry it everywhere. You never know when I might...... you know. Zombie stuff happens and whatnot, yeah?

It's very thin but that's OK because you can't fire it with a hammer grip anyways. No bulge in pocket, yet ready to fire without warning.

The design is by Joerg Sprave... it's a "Rambini". I believe I am the only person on Earth who made it out of PVC.

And don't be fooled by it's size. It sends hexnuts (if used) at FULL POWER. I like to use smaller ammo with this chap, however. Later on that....

Let's make one:

Use heat gun to open up PVC pipe (1 and half inch in this case) into a flat panel. When heated up, you can use tin snips or scissors to cut PVC, no worries.

Bicycle part Bicycle handlebar Pneumatic tool Gas Machine

Cut out patterns, glue to panel and use a scroll saw to cut out. You know.. the usual.

Power tool Sewing machine needle Walking shoe Machine Wire

Like so:

Hand Finger Tool Aircraft Wood

I used two. For thickness.

Green Font Art Symbol Rectangle

Hand Leg Gesture Finger Thumb

Hand Gesture Thumb Finger Nail

Heavy duty PVC cement:

Hand Mason jar Fluid Liquid Finger

Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Tool Wrench Razor

Guitar Alcoholic beverage Font Audio equipment Drink

Everything else is self-explanatory... let the pictures roll:

Tool Gesture Wood Hand tool Kitchen utensil

Fluid Font Gas Paint Temperature

Hand Watch Finger Gesture Wrist

Hand Blue Finger Gesture Joystick

Hand Wood Rope Fiber Circle

Outerwear Glove Green Textile Sleeve

Gesture Finger Elbow Wrist Thumb

Blue Green Textile Line Art

Better attachment method:

Font Finger Aqua Material property Nail

Product Blue Font Finger Line

Unlimited ammo... .22 air-rifle pellets:

Hand Drinkware Gesture Finger Fluid

Azure Finger Gesture Thumb Nail


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Nice - thats a possible entry for SSOTM Apr

Did you use Gorilla Glue?
I have no idea what that is, I'm afraid.

I used PVC cement. It's not quite a glue... it actually melts the PVC together as it dries. More like chemical welding. If you click on the pics twice, you can read the label. As I understand it, there are different grades of PVC cement.. try and get the heavy-duty kind.

I used it.. and not some epoxy.. because it was cheap (only 20 Rupees). :violin:

I've still got the tin... probably useless by now. Doesn't store well.

Font Rectangle Gas Paint Metal

Any brand PVC cement will work. Is it better than epoxy? I don't know. Epoxy or even any kind of super-glue would work just fine, I guess.


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Took this pic 5 minutes ago...

Hand White Black-and-white Gesture Finger

Hand Food Green Ingredient Finger

Apart from the .22 airgun pellets, this is the other ammo I use with this fellow. Steel balls (taken out from used fan bearings) and cut up nails.

Cuisine Material property Font Metal Tobacco



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