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My end of summer swap from stringslap

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Well got my summer swap from Mr Parker I am over the top pretty cool haul . Check out the frames guys they speak for themselves
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That coloured pencil slingshot is HAWT
Pretty lol eh people are pretty creative 馃槈
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Glad they got there fast and that you like them! Good trade. Enjoy!
Ya the post has no rhyme or reason to it lol 馃槀 thanks man I have figure out the Stanley see I get it to hit a target 馃馃徎
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Oh nice SS. Congratulations Jason. Is that aluminum maybe Island Made?
Aye it is Joe Stanley is back in Canada lol it鈥檚 pretty sweet bud
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Good looking trade, man!
Ya it鈥檚 pretty cool 馃憤 spice things up a little
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Nice trade for sure, very thing looks great.

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Yup very smooth swap
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Great trade

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What鈥檚 the mule made from Darrell
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