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I have had many, many different types of F-16 attachments, and to tell you the truth I'm tired of &^%$ around with them. So I have settled on a few basic types.

The down and dirty wrap for a single, using rubber elastic or Chinese ribbon as pictured below this pic, yes it works great and it is fast ! The second pic is of looped 1842, a very safe connection !! I used rubber bands as you can see for the Green Dub and Chinese ribbon for the 1842's. I used a double set of 8-10 very tight wraps for the ribbon.

This is just wrapped tight around the steel prong and the tube. The tube is put on so it can be stretched over the end of the prong and stay put. This attachment is very safe because if the holding elastic should break the tube can't come back and smack you in the face ;- ) I have this particular 1842 tube set up right at the Wall at my draw length of 32.5" and I think this would throw a small car over the Hoover Dam if I so desired ;- ) This is pretty stout pulling !

Please notice that all three have either a thin tube around the fork tip or as in the case of the Barnett a piece of double face tape. This stops the tie from slipping backwards.



The third is just like the pic below but instead of a thread wrap around the gypsy ties it is elastic ribbon, rubber bands or ?, it doesn't matter as long as the wrap is tight and secure). The pic below is on a Barnett sling taken many a year ago.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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