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Wait - I'm confused. Where is the band cutting template? The rotary cutter? The self-healing cutting mat? The extra lengths of band material for wrap and tuck? The band tying jig? The crystal tape?

What about the joy of wrap and tuck slipping and hitting your eye?

When do we get to the part about cats hiding the wrap and tuck tool under the work bench?

Where is the part about fiddling with the bands to make certain that the pouch is centered?

What happened to converting centimeters to inches (you know, just divide the length value by 2.54)?

And where is my favorite part - ruining $10.00 worth of semi-precise, cold-resistant, non-permeable, ultra-latex band material when the rotary cutter blade dulls, or the template slips? or the template is adjusted wrong, or all of the above?

Brother, you are taking all the fun out of slingshots!

Seriously, this is a fantastic idea and I am going to order some 117b. Thanks for posting!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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