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Well, my camera took a dive, so no pics for a bit, but I got a start on my first pair of flippers.

They are from some dogwood sticks from the tree out front. My son, seven years old, had my wife's help in cutting the best two forks out. Today I carved them up a bit, took the bark off and got them into about the right shape for the job. The wood is still rather wet, so it doesn't want to sand, so I gave up on that detail. Most of the work was done with my little carabiner lockback. Not the best tool, but better than chewing the bark off with my teeth, I reckon.

I'll go by the Wally World tomorow and snag some rubber in the form of the danskin bands noted in another topic, and then I'll be in business. For pouches, I can either pick up a little pack of leather from the craft stor, or use some scraps of canvas. Options I have!

Of course, there I am working on my son's weapon and my own when my daughter, eleven, asked if she, too could have one. I'm going to set her to cutting out a board cut frame as we are out of good forks from the tree.
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