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My First Boardcut

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Hi guys.Yesterday I posted a picture of my pattern and today I made the slingshot.I just rubbed in a little Tung oil for the finish.What do you think I should call it?----Joe


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the lightning?
really good job , would you mind if i make a slingshot like this ?
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Mjöllnir, Thor's hammer
Now that's the cat's pajamas! Original, Form serves Function, Strong, Attractive. . . Love the geometric design and symmetry. That slingshot's got it all. Great work Joe!
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Mjöllnir, Thor's hammer
Great idea.
I really like the sharp angles on this one. A nice change from all the round stuff (though I love them too
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NIce job Joe! "The Maltese Fork" !!!!!! I like it Bud! Flatband
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The Shogun for the way it looks like ancient Japanese armor.
That one looks great! I like your new style!
Its nice to see something original, nice one. How about the Falcon, it reminds me

of a bird of prey when hunting.

Hey, I like Smitty's "Shogun"! That fits great! Flatband
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Nice slingshot, you made one that is a little different and is a great design
Cool Design, never so similar to this before
WAIT a min!
Its a nautral fork!
Its a board cut!
Its an Ergo!

It's a Shogun!

Awesome and original, me likey !!! You see guys, this is what I like about this forum. Just when I thought 'how many different ways can you cut a **** slingee' and here comes a simple yet effective design.

I'd nominate this for the next slingshot of the month.
I too like the sharp edges like lightening
That is a very cool design I love it and will vote for it for slingshot of the month.
Yeah, this (like your previous crinkled aluminised plastic slingshtot) is inspiringly original and well made.

Come on guys, vote for this while there is still time on the polls!
Nice lines!!!! Truly Original and Interesting!!! How does she shoot???
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