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I spent the day making a W slingshot after watching many videos by JoergS. I would just like to say thanks to him for the inspiration.

I did not have the correct ingredients for this so just used what I had.

I did not have any stainless steel for the frame so I used bright mild steel. I did not have any aluminium for for the handle so has to use some copper pipe. No bearings for the handle so used bronze bushes.

Firstly I started by making a simple rod bender for my small hydraulic press,

Next I bent the frame parts. I had to do the frame in 3 parts as I could not bend them without interference from the press.

Frame halves bent and ready for drilling.

Drilled the holes for the shackles in the milling machine. I also milled a 12mm wide flat as the shackles were to tight originally.

A simple jig was made from 12mm MDF. It worked extremely well. Everything was held nice and snug and in alignment for welding.

Once the first welds were ground down I places the handle post in the jig ready for welding.

Almost done, I don't have the necessary components to finish it at the moment but just might in the near future

This is my first build but I am thinking there may be more to come.


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Great stuff there yaj. Yeah it was Joerg that got me started with his awesome youtube vids. It's a desease you know, an addiction that will take over your life if your not careful! well theres worse things to get obsessed over I guess.
Welcome to the forum and looking forward to seeing more stuff from you. Us Aussies are slowly taking over.... Hahahahaha.....
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