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The fork is white walnut and I wanted to keep it as white as possible.

However, after testing a brushing polyurethane varnish, a brushing water-based varnish and a wood oil, on a piece of spare pine, I decided to go with the wood oil and forget about whiteness.

Largely because I know about varnishes already, but using wood oil, I would learn something new.

I used Rustin's Danish Oil and followed the instructions on the tin. One coat with 20% white spirit added, then two full coats.

For each coat I flooded the oil on liberally with my favourite Handover 2107 Series half-inch brush, waited about 3 minutes, then wiped the surplus off with small folded pieces of kitchen paper tissue. I damped the paper with oil first, so that I was wiping off only the excess, not pulling the oil up out of the wood.

The 5 photos show the result after 3 coats.

They also show my sanding imperfections. I have learnt to try not to use the coarse, 60 and 80 grit papers cross-grain, as it is a lot of work to sand out the scratches with the finer grades.

But I was not looking for perfection - my original 1955 catapult was much rougher than this, and was without surface finish.

I like this oil - it is a "hard drying oil", so after a day or so, it is very dry and hard with no trace of stickiness.

I'll post again showing the assembled catapult and its build details in a few days.




1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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