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My first Homemade is... a “ugly ducking”?

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Hey guys and gals

Some days ago I finished my first homemade slingshot. I wanted one of those small frames since I've seen them so I build one myself.

I orientated the Design on a rough template I've seen on Pinterest. After cutting this from Multiplex I sawed in Topslots and filed it a bit for a comfy grip (wich was a mistake, as you will see ). After shooting it a bit I decided, that it needs a Palmswell, because I saw one beautiful palmswell on a Metall slingshot some days ago and loved it.



I've cut myself a branch of a blood plum and dried in in the oven. Than I've sawed some small planks from it. Here a made the second mistake. Because I was a little lazy and impatient I didn't made the planks completely flat before I glued them. Also the wood glue my parents had at there workshop where I started the project turned out dark after it dried (but I kinda like the look now)




I filed it in form and sanded it up to with 240 grit. Than some linseed oil as a finish.
I had to fill up the spaces between the wood and the multiplex with wood glue and sawdust wich is a little imperfection but adds "character"

It shoots quit good and feels great in the hand. I like how the black glue filled the cracks of the wood. A lanyard still has to be added. :)
Hope you like my "ugly ducking" wich really turned out to be a swan with character






- Mathis

P.s.: bonus band jig I build at the same time


I swear I wore pants that day!
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