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Back in 2013 this was the first modification that I ever attempted. It's a Barnett Strike 9 that I tried to improve with a denim micarta wrap. It was a very easy mod. I just cut some old jeans into short strips. While my wife soaked the strips in two part epoxy and handed them to me I wrapped the strips until I felt the handle was large enough. When the epoxy hardened I tried to carve some finger grooves. The epoxy was the kind that comes in a double syringe. It took three of the double syringes. As you can see it has yellowed over time. Later I added a lanyard loop. I actually shot this as my main shooter in a couple of tournaments. I still shoot it quite a bit.

Branch Wood Plant Organism Terrestrial plant

Nature Wood Natural material Trunk Insect

Nature Wood Natural material Bedrock Organism
Wood Bedrock Trunk Formation Twig


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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