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I'll try to keep this succinct. Sand until you are sick of it, then sand some more, wet and dry, then you can spray it with Poly and let it dry for a few days and rock on from there. But Boiled linseed oil will pop the grain ( no need to soak it, an hour will do) Let it drain a day and buff with paper towels. Again you can spray it and go from there. That is the non-OCD version. Super Glue makes a Great finish (SimpleShot video) but it is too much of a PITA for me. I like Tru-Oil. Glop on the first coat today and sand it off tomorrow, Steel Wool it and wipe down. From here, THIN coats. Gun patches make great applicators, rub it on like shoe polish. (Yes, I'm old. :neener: ) Let dry, wool it, wipe it, rinse and repeat. When you get tired of that, buff it with a piece of brown paper grocery bag, band it and shoot it.
So much for succinct. :p
What's a brown paper grocery bag?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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