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My First Natural Pocket Shooter

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Here's my first go at making a sling shot. It started with this:


Stage 2:


Finished product:


The wood is cut from a Crate Mirdle tree at the side of our house. This wood is extremely hard.

After removing the bark I hand sanded with 3 different grits of sand paper. After I got it to where I
wanted it I coated it with 10 coats of Boiled Linseed Oil. After each coat set 15 minutes I went over
it with #0000 steel wool. The finish is amazingly smooth and hard.

I attached a set of .030" latex bands from Gary "FlatBand" Miller on her and there you go.

Also, I dried the wood in a microwave oven till all moisture was gone.

Hope you like it! Lots of hard work for sure.

I look forward to making another one soon.
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Very welldone. I cut a fork yesterday. When you dry the wood in the microwave do you seal the ends? How long do you set the timer for?
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