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I go to work on Thursday and it's a 1/2 day I get out of there around 12:30 and I go to the gas station to get gas I get some gas , I hop in my car and the minute I hopped in my car I got a tremendous pain in my lower scapula on the right hand side and I literally couldn't move.

I knew for sure it was something serious I quickly drove my car to my local hospital, I barely make it in to the emergency entrance as I'm getting very dizzy.. I tell the receptionist I'm having a heart attack they stop everything pulling me to the side they greatly help me fill out the forms and I go quickly to the emergency room, I was met by a young nurse who have had two years before when I had a very bad case of flew, she said that this was not a heart attack, it is was something else ---- they take me downstairs and they do a cat scan ---- what they found was that I had a adrenal artery that burst, the artery was burst open they said and I lost about two pints of blood, the the doctors had go in through my groin right away to cauterize it, that helped a tremendous amount , I still was in the hospital for 6 days. They're doing more checking and they're discovering that I'm still bleeding from that area, not sure what they're gonna do, could be vascular surgery coming up in the future, Who knows, could be something else ---- this turned out to be in the trip that I was NOT planning on !

I tried to post this on Tap-talk that program and I don't seem to get along ... This has turned out to be real ordeal and this is the first time I can sit up in a week. Ate my first small meal in a week also. Every few days or so I'll try to keep you guys posted.

You don't wish this on your worst enemy ...... WOW !


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Wowzers, glad you did not try to "tough it out" who knows what would have happened. You gotta know when to get treatment and this time your gut saved your but. Prayers and positivity heading your way for a comfortable recovery :)
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