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My funniest and bloodyest progression day yet

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I have not made myself laugh this hard in a long while, so fun!
Banded up full B fly ott 8 mm ammo, 4 x draw ratio
to easy learning and hopefully reduce injury.
When I shoot normal use ear lobe anchor and head more or less straight.
Was testing 4 very different pouch grips to find what suits me.
Ouch, scraped cheek drawing blood, did not really hurt but shot confidence down so to speak!
Then and have no idea why, decided to remind myself my prefered normal grip and fired at only 2 x draw ratio, dead center target and the very first time I instinctivly aimed. The shot looped so much was so funny it was bulls eye.
I laughed out loud, I am sure I could never do that again with best training.
That was the morning session, was torn between the arch target humor and my lack of finding my Full B fly
Pouch grip and had the embarassment of explaining to my better half why I was bleeding, she also got a laugh at my expense.
So asked her to help understand why I choose to learn this and she had two ideas.
She watched video from Bone slo mo and watched my rookie style and noted that my head was straight and had to have bands to close to
cheek for right eye band stacking.
So I angled my head a bit until felt ok.
She then suggest ski mask to protect cheek, great idea!
Evening session found the most improvment in my shooting to date because also did djort draw, thumb nuckle at corner of mouth with thumb on top pinch grip.
Both full B fly and short draw came along nicely understanding have a long way to go!
Having my head angled slightly down over ott bands and just touching ski mask at cheek my confidence is back and did touch 6 cm spinner at 10 m a few times. Again a long way to go to g be
As I know all of you reading this know the joy of progression in this hobby rocks , just thought I would share my stoke!
To be more discriptive, the severly underpowered 2 x draw shot at 10 m proably dropped 3 feet or more, makes me laugh again even now.
I wonder if my brain computer could caculate the weak trajectory or just stupid dumb luck of a combination.
Wish I had video.
I digress...
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