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It's always good to see old friends and make new ones at a slingshot tournament, and the East Coast Slingshot Tournament 2019 was no exception!

It was also a great opportunity to acquire new gear, and I made a great haul on that front.

First, and most unexpected, I got a great little oak natural fork PFS from Danny (trapperdes). He and Liz handed it to me shortly after I spotted Danny some tubing to back up a set that was shooting well for me. Not supposed to be trade, but an awesome gesture from awesome folks!

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It is loaded with character - great grain, worm holes and a little spalting. Plus, it shoots for me better than any other OPFS version I have. I banded it up with leather tabs and 1636 tubes and almost talked myself into using it for the 25-yard paper target, 'cause it was spot on for me!

I did lay out some swapping material on Saturday, and scored a super TSM-made ply OTT shooter from Tim (toolman). The grip works for a thumb and finger brace hold for me, but is a little wide for a pinch grip. I banded it up with Simple-Shot Black, and have really enjoyed shooting it.

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A couple of cups of coffee later, I snagged an incredibly sculpted peg-head gapper from Matt (You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out). It's oak, with spectacular grain and a nice Tung-oil finish. Matt said said the cant on the forks didn't suit his shooting style. I also usually like my OTT shooters with a flat top, but I'll make exceptions for Natties - especially one as nice as this!

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Thanks for looking!


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My goodness, those are all AMAZING!!!!

The friendship of the slingshot community is well-known and this is an excellent example of it!

Of course, the naturals are all eye-popping for me, but that black ergo one is awesome too.


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