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Nice longbow! I've been a trad archer for many, many years. Had quite a few bows over the years but not shooting all that much these days so settled on my Howard Hill Wesley Special. All bamboo, including the grip. Awesome longbow!

I may have some wood/bamboo arrows available. If you have any interest in them shoot me a PM.

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Over the years I have had many a longbow starting with a lemonwood bow I made as a Boy Scout in the 1950s, The next couple were self bows that I bought. I think they were 35 lbs and 50 lbs. At one point I had a Bear Polar with an aluminum core that pulled an honest 100 lbs. At that time of my life I was a big fan of Howard Hill. A bow of that weight is very hard to shoot accurately ....unless, I guess, you are Howard Hill. I sold it to weight lifter who was better able to handle the heavy pull and I moved on to a series of recurves. When asked why he did not shoot a recurved bob Mr. Hill responded that he was not a good enough shot.

I no longer shoot a bow but if I did I would want a longbow.

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