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My Modified 60mm Pouch for 7/16" Steel !

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I took one of my 60mm pouches (60mm x 15 x 12mm) and punched a 1/4" hole in the center, a 5/16" hole is to big - the 7/16" ball can be pushed through. This is very easy for me to do ... The 1/4" hole holds the 7/16" steel in place and centers the ammo very well --- So far so good, After a few hundred shots with the same pouch We will see how this modification holds up.

I buy these pouches at AliExpress and order a few hundred at a time as they are about.18c each, and they last a long, long time !!

The bottom pic is of the original pouch and the top pic is the modified pouch.

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Pretty good mod Will…..I believe I’ve even seen a GZK video where he heated a ball with a torch, and lightly “burned in” the center hole… the pit locating pouches you see around.

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