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Hello guys! If you might have seen my other post about the project I was doing you may have seen what the slingshot looked before. I will provide some pictures below. I coated this with spar urethane and surprisingly it did bring out the grain a little bit more. Tell me what you guys think, don't be too hard on me though. It had a huge nasty chunk of wood at first that was hard to take off. I had to use a hard file.

Hand tool Kitchen utensil Wood Tool Metalworking hand tool

Musical instrument accessory Plant Wood Road surface Musical instrument

Gesture Foot Human leg Road surface Fur

Before coating
Wood Dishware Natural material Floor Flooring

After coating (I filled up the nasty crack with spar urethane, not completely done filling it up)
Wood Natural material Gesture Hardwood Wrist


1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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