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My New Shooter

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So this is my new shooter. I bought the original wood in portugal for 3 euros off some guy in the street but the wood was a horrible colour and stained possibly by the sun?
Anyway i wrapped the one fork in a green string which is where i put my thumb also i wrapped the bottom in a fine grey string aswell the rest of it is wrapped in electrical tape which i like the fiinish on im not quite sure why though to be fair. The Thera Band Gold were given to me by a very genorous member of our comunity (you know who you are) the pouch was off a old Black Widow. I know that it is not the nicest looking slingshot but it is very accurate and also very powerful

Thanks for looking,


P.S sorry about the bad image quality it was taken off my webcam


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Now thats ghetto if I ever saw it but out of the norm I like.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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