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Bloody good idea charles. I'm going to make a miniture cut out of my x mother in law. That'll surely improve my aim! Hmm second thoughts if I could find a real ugly version of HungaJungaESQ's lizard, that would be the same thing. Nah, probably not real fair on the lizard...
Just being a knob. She's a fine lady...
Seriously though I did see somewhere a mod on a spoon where the person had cut most of the handle off but left enough to create a loop then hung that through a bungee cord or something. They must have been a better shot than me coz it looked like a golf ball with all the dings. Apparently when you hit it, not only does it 'ting' but spins around the cord a few times. Ahhh the satisfaction...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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