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I am going to get on my soap-box here for a moment. I think that Saunders is the best production manufacturer out there. I recommend that all shooters have at least one Saunders model in their collection. Why? For three different, but interrelated, reasons. Read on to find out.

1. The first reason is the actual product that they produce. The flat bands that Saunders uses have more delivered power than any other production bands, and this is even more true with the Black Mamba bands. This is the case despite their light pull, which pull makes them fun to shoot for everybody, including women or kids. The bands will last for hundreds if not thousands of shots. The Black Mamba bands have UV protection, so they will have a longer "shelf life" as well.

2. Saunders is dedicated to consistently upgrading their product. They are innovative on multiple fronts. First, they are always bringing out new technologies. They were the first commercial manufacturer to use flat bands. Models like the WRP (Wrist Rocket Pro) are completely new in design and ergonomics. Their flat band models have a near fail safe design in that if a band does come loose that is all that will hit you. The pouch they use is the lightest and fastest out there, but still very durable. Note that this is the second high-speed pouch design the have come out with. The first one, while very fast, apparently did not meet their exacting standards. They are also on their second generation of bands. I challenge anyone to name a company who has done more to advance the art in the past 20 years.

3. Formal testing is very important when new products are being developed or when parts suppliers change. Saunders is 1 of only 2 companies that have testing areas setup in their plants to test new designs. If Daisy had a testing process they likely would not have injured those kids with the ERG-100 "Natural" issues.

If you prefer to support the smaller "bespoke" guys over big companies, you should consider buying an "Upgraded" version from Tex-shooter. Either way, I recommend getting one!

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Feb 06 2010 03:42 PM

I'm glad I have a Tex-shooter enroute.
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Good points!

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Feb 06 2010 03:54 PM

I would also like to point out that even though I like the Saunders bands, I use Tex-shooter and Flatband rubber on my different Saunders models. I like heavy ammo, which the aftermarket bands really help with.

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Feb 07 2010 10:41 AM

Aaron what is the other company that tests their products? JT

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Feb 07 2010 02:27 PM

Trumark is the only other one that has a dedicated testing area.
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