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my short story

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The zombie attack

No this isn't a story about a long long time ago , but it's a story about the future. Not a far away futur, I mean in about 2 Years from now.I'm just going to tell it to you guys,I am a clairvoyant. And when i finished my exam yesterday I just had a vision .and I'm going to tell you what the vision was all about .I saw a whole bunch of people. No , more like a gigantic Group.And someone was qpeaking to this Group. And now you all want to know who this was , well guy's i'm just going to tell you it was are own leader, Joerg Sprave.he was talking to us about something very bad that happend. There was an attack fo zombies.SO that was the reason why Joerg was talking to that gigantic Group to Group had just everyone of the slingshotforum like shot in the foot, bunnybuster,zdp-189, Bill Hays , boyston stu, these guys were standing in the front rowbut really it was a gigantic Group. The groupand we where planning an attack at the zombies. So we were making everything ready.Everybody had their slingshots witht them and Everybody brought all of his scrap metal because we were going to melt it down to make ammo out of it.and also did joerg made alot of the flechettes. He made hundreds of them . and also there were just regular people that wanted to help . so we learned them how to make a slingshot and shoot a slingshot. And so the other day when the night falls we were ready to attack and when the sun was under the zombies came out of there holes in the ground and they didn't brought any weapons with them but they were very hungry and ready to kill. But they didn't had any defence at all and we were ready .when the zombies started to get closerthe archers rised up on the roofs and shot lots of arrows out of joerg's designed slingbow's but then there were no arrows anymore so then evrybody at the grouynd just started to fight and yes we were winning but then the unthinkable happend .gigantic zombies zombies com out of the holes and normal ammo didn't harmed them at all so luckely we had the flechettes and bonecrushers that joerg also cam up with and the gigantic zombies fell one by it was easy but normal zombies keep coming but then joerg had an amazing ideawhat if we First killed the leader then probablythe zombies couldn't do a thing so we looked for the leader and in a couple of minuteswe found him . we saw him ; he was the ugliest of al of them . he had only one eye and his face was allmost gone we tried to kill him but no one cloud shoot sof ar because the bands weren't good enough but then there was joerg with his W slingshot and his silver theraband and aimed and shot right in the one remaining eye eye of the zombie leader and we were right all the oeter zombies just fell down on the ground ansd we all cheered and then FLASH and i was back to normal in the classroom so now when i get home and i finish all my exams i'm going to make a lot off slingshots so i'm prepared for THE ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES !!!!​
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Between the mod team I think we have it covered. Jeff takes the high ground and covers the long range. Jörg handles CQB. Aaron prepares to rebuild our technology and I'll brew the tea.
Seems like Dan can also prepare the food (squirrel?), but we do need one more mod for entertainment (Baumstamm?) then.
You don't have to be undead in order to sample THAT kind of prey.
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